Access control or Keyless entry systems are used to deter entry by unauthorised persons. With simple code or swipe card systems, from single door to more complex multi-door systems encompassing the latest biometric technology controlled by PC software. Premises protected range from small businesses to large commercial offices, which may include schools, hospitals and banks.

All of our access control systems are designed, installed and maintained in accordance with NSI Gold, Code of Practice NCP 30 and with design consideration for the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act, 1995).

Access Control Systems and Video Door Entry

Access control is the means by which an intruder or unauthorised visitor is prevented from entering the premises when the building is closed or is open as normal.

Types of System

  • Electronic keypad which controls an electrically operated door lock
  • Electronic readers, which scan the unique identity of the system users, via swipe, proximity cards or biometric recognition
  • High security can be achieved by a combination of the above
  • A system can control a single door or multiple doors via dedicated Access Control software. Including badge production for staff members
  • Time and Attendance can be monitored via the system software
  • Facial Recognition by means of a Video Door Entry system, for authorised user of the premises
  • Systems to comply with DDA ( Disability Discrimination Act) requirements

NUTEC can offer the best solution to control the access into your premises and if required integrate this into your Intruder Alarm, so that one high secure method can be used to control both systems.