Fire presents one of the most devastating potential problems both domestically and commercially. NUTEC surveyors will help to reduce the dangers by ensuring that premises are adequately covered, providing an early warning system, thus helping to protect personnel, buildings, equipment and stock.

All our systems are designed, installed and maintained in accordance with BS 5339 part 1 (2002) and comply with CFOA (Chief Fire Officers Association).

Fire Detection Systems

Automatic Fire Detection Systems are split into 2 classifications, L type ( Life) and P type ( Property) The type of property determines the classification, for example Hotels, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, where people sleep on the premises are designed as L type to primarily protect life.

P type is designed to protect all other types of premises, for example Factories, Warehouses and Offices.

Both types of systems will be based on the use of Automatic Smoke, Heat and Manual Fire Detection. The type of premises will dictate how and where the different detection methods are designed into the system.

Systems can be simple audible warning only, which will be used to evacuate a building in the event of a fire occurring.

More sophisticated systems will incorporate Automatic Fire Detection, which will not only activate an audible warning but will also have direct link to an ARC ( Alarm Receiving Centre) who will instantly pass on the Fire Call to the local Fire Authority, for their attendance. This type of system will give the maximum protection to both life and property.

NUTEC will design, install and maintain your Fire Detection Systems, to meet the requirements of all types of property and buildings.